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I've just come back from another jaunt to the US on business (not in the Alfred Bester kind of way but traditionally on a British Airways 747). Just before I left I took delivery of a shiny new MacBook 2.4Ghz that replaces my now, very ill, iBook. This meant I could start developing again.

While I was in the US I had little time between work and socialising but I did get to set up the iPhone and Android dev kits on the new machine and play with some UI concepts. I also started writing some test code in Java to test the RPC mechanism to Coppermine. This code has turned in to the JSON-RPC and Session classes that will be used in the Android version of the client app. I will also release that code as open source so that anyone can write Java clients for Coppermine.

I will use the same design when I implement that mechanism in Objective-C. This will be used in the iPhone client. I have also downloaded the iPhoto extension SDK so I think I'll release an iPhoto export extension that will allow you to export directly from iPhoto in to Coppermine.

Lots for me to do.

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As you may have noticed if you're reading this having navigated through from the index page I have tied up the Weird Sheep Software web site and given it a proper main page, theme, links, projects page and so on. The documentation for the Coppermine JSON-RPC API is also available. The theme, although not terribly exciting, is lovingly hand crafted PHP and CSS. Once I'm happy with it I'll have it available for download for all those who want to use it for a Wordpress blog.

I took time out from development to do this due to the fault with my Mac halting development for a short while. So I set up a new server and development machine running the Ubuntu 8.10 distribution. Also I ordered a new MacBook which is currently in transit which I hope I will receive before I head back to the US at the end of the week. So that's about it.

Originally published at Weird Sheep Software.


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