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Well I'm a thirty^h^h^h^h^h^h fourty something pagan goth girl living in Leeds, West Yorkshire, in the UK. Although in the last couple of years I appear to have been a part time resident of California.

I'm a professional geek of the software engineer kind. I'm an all-rounder and can work from the highest level down to the hardware although currently I seem to be hacking linux kernels and drivers, standard C libraries and embedded code. My first degree was in physics, my higher was in computer science and for some reason I have also qualified as an accountant. I used to force gravitational wave detectors to my will. Now I've sold out and force bits of electronics to show more channels of crap!

I'm a total Apple fan-girl.

I play keyboards and guitar and <3 Ibanez guitars!

I am interested in photography and have lots of Canon kit. I have an online gallery and a gallery on Flickr.

I'm a sad old goth and can often be seen madly bouncing around at various clubs in the north of England. I'm also a bit of a metal head. I belly dance with interests in cabaret and tribal. And I mix it all up with Gothic Tribal Fusion and go to Gothla once a year.

I have an interest in an alternative music (aka Goth) club in Leeds called The Subculture

I love my garden but rarely have time to look after it.

I knit.

I had a gorgeous dog, called Ben. For 12 years he was a wonderful companion. Alas one day age just caught up with him and he passed away. I am not in the position to look after another dog but couldn't go completely pet less so I now have a really cute, young, anerythristic corn snake whom I've called Ariadne. She is *so* cute! I also have an even younger python called Apophis. You can see my snakes here.

I mod and co-mod several communities on LiveJournal: leeds_loos a community for organising real life meets of theladiesloos members in the Yorkshire area; tguk a community for transgendered people in the UK; and transfemismuk a community for discussing trans-feminism issues in the UK!

I have a 'proper' blog at (syndicated via cyberspiceblog) which my mother reads and so is relatively tame.

I twitter.

Version: 3.1
GAT/B/CS/IT/M/MU/S d--(---) s+:+ a+ C++++$ UL+++$ P++ L++++$ E--- W+++
N++ o? K- w--- O M++ V PS++(+++) PE- Y+ PGP+ t* 5++ X+ R tv b+++ DI++
D+ G+ e+++ h++(-) r++ z++

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