Feb. 5th, 2010

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So I've been sucked in to the world of Azaeroth. I've not been this engrossed in a game since playing Elite almost non stop when I was young.

I currently have three characters I play so I thought I would introduce them.


Cyberfire worked on a farm Rather than marry a man she despised she ran off to be all those things her farm society saw as bad. She's a rogue. a thief and an assassin. For a decent fee she'll despatch anyone who'd like her too. She's loyal to SI-7 and to the Alliance but it takes time and effort to win her friendship and trust.


As a child Coerderwydd (literally Wood Druid)'s natural magical abilities caused havoc. It made her somewhat of an outcast amongst the other children and drew the anger of her parents. So naturally she became a loner. She will play with others but doesn't play well. But at heart she's kind and thoughtful.

Young Fyresegunda was only a child when she left Draenor and she has never known true peace. Now she's old enough she's learning the skills of the hunter. The hunter's relationship with the animals of the world of Azaeroth and her place in it.


They all exist in the realm of the Scarlet Crusade and their professions are varied. Cyberfire, because of her background, is a Herbalist and Alchemist. Caederwydd is also a herbalist but she makes enchantments. Fyresegunda is a skinner and leatherworker. She respects animals and can work with them but has no issue with killing and skinning them to make useful items.

So if you happen to be on the US server of Scarlet Crusade look for them.


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